Songs from Around the World
for Young Children
2 - 7 year olds

by Gary & Carol Crees

Simple usable songs, movement & games from the wealth of cultures around the world drawn from our latest teachers' resource kit.

We provide teachers with activities & ideas to use immediately in class & also explore ways to encourage your children to improvise. Each song has suggested activities and extensions.

Gary and Carol

About the Authors


All songs are traditional, except for People All Around the World. © 1997 G & C Crees.

We have endeavoured to the best of our abilities to research and record the songs as authentically as possible with correct pronunciation. Sometimes however, we have adapted songs to make them more suitable for early childhood use.

The teaching material and songs are aimed at 2 - 7 year olds.

Teachers notes written by Carol Crees and Elizabeth Robinson.

Design, Layout and Music notation by Gary.

Illustrations by Shannon and Edan McIntyre Crees, Zoe Given-Wilson, Florence & Charlotte Epper, Joshua Fodera, Ayesha Morris
and children from Pheonix Pre-School, Balmain and Telarah Pre-school, Maitland.


We would like to express our appreciation to all the people who have helped generously with time, talent & encouragement.

The children who sang for us were a delight. Thanks to Alice Gregg, Charlotte Epper, Lucy Francis, Faustine & Benoir James.
Jill Brown, Monique Perusco, Silviane James, Dominique Marrill & Heidi Wursig: vocals.
Derek Davies: violin
Lynne Crane: sax, recorder & flute.
Thanks to Kerry Iaambe who mixed and mastered the tape with care & interest.
Also thanks to Elizabeth Robinson, Anne Power and Joy Berville for your help with the Teachers' book.
Thanks to Don for scanning the drawings.

This resource kit is dedicated to the spirit of reconciliation, tolerance and harmony between all the various wonderful cultures represented in Australia today.

Contents - 29 pages



People All Around the World - HELLO


A Paris


Bassez Down

West Indies

Bayuschki Bayu


Boci Taka (Little Calf)


Clapping Land


Djyahbin Djyahbin


E Tolu Tama'i Pato (Three Little Ducks)


Fungi Alafia


Hotaru Koi




J'aime Papa


Mal Mal Mal

New Guinea

Mi Cuerpo


Okina Taiko


Ringel Rangel Rosen


Sri Ganesha


Tafta Hindi

Saudi Arabia

Tati Tati


Testa Spalle Ginocchi e Ditti


Vui La Vui


Zumba Zumba


Zum Gali Gali


People All Around the World - GOODBYE


The Authors

Gary & Carol Crees

Gary & Carol are trained teachers with many years of experience performing & leading groups in early childhood, school & family gatherings in N.S.W.
They are accredited performers with the N.S.W. Dept. of Ed. in recognition of consistent, quality educational performances.

Adventures in Music & Off the Wall Dances are their most recent performances.

Leading workshops in music, dance & singing is something that Gary & Carol enjoy particularly at early childhood level. Producing tapes & resources for teachers is a current enterprise that is keeping Gary & Carol busy. These resources include Singasongalon, Ready or Not! Dances for Young Children & a new collection, Songs from Around the World for Young Children. Recent highlights in their career have been leading workshops for groups such as Continuing Education, Macquarie University, Macleay College, Bankstown TA.F.E., Milperra T.A.F.E., Macarthur Migrant Resource Centre, Orff Schulwerk National Conference & M.E.I.S. Conference.

Gary has wide ranging musical abilities gained from a career that has seen him working as a professional performer, composer & arranger & musical director. This new production uses all his diverse skills & all from home!

Carol's interests are in multicultural dance & music for Early Childhood. Selecting appropriate songs & finding ways to move, sing & play to that music have given her a challenge & a lot of fun during the compilation of this tape.


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