The Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association is part of a world wide movement of music educators. VOSA is based in Victoria, Australia and was formed in 1977. It currently has a membership of approximately 350. VOSA is linked to ANCOS, the Australian National body representing Orff-Schulwerk.

VOSA offers a variety of professional development courses/workshops/conferences throughout the year. Annual events such as Back to School Day, the Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts (ECCPA) and the Orff Schulwerk Level Courses are looked forward to by all members and others interested in music education and community music. Please browse our events page for more details.  

Are you in a primary school with minimal resources? Are you short of instruments?

Have you been appointed in 2015 to a new school with no xylophones?  Would you or someone you know love to have Jon Madin as “Artist in Residence” at your school – for a whole week? And be left with a couple of marimbas and other resources!??!

Applications need to be in by 27 February 2015
so contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now for an application form!!


"In a child's life it is often the music teacher who will be remembered above all others once the child has left school. Music teachers have the potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, sparking imaginations at every turn. You never know when this happens with a child, which makes every lesson special, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. Music teachers are the salt of the earth."     Richard Gill OAM

VOSA Office

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Tel: 03 9015 8350
Email: admin@vosa.org