The Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association is part of a world wide movement of music educators. VOSA is based in Victoria, Australia and was formed in 1977. It currently has a membership of approximately 350. VOSA is linked to ANCOS, the Australian National body representing Orff-Schulwerk.

VOSA offers a variety of professional development courses/workshops/conferences throughout the year. Annual events such as Back to School Day, the Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts (ECCPA), Marimba Camp and Orff Schulwerk Level Courses are looked forward to by all members and others interested in music education and community music. Please browse our events page for more details.


"In a child's life it is often the music teacher who will be remembered above all others once the child has left school. Music teachers have the potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, sparking imaginations at every turn. You never know when this happens with a child, which makes every lesson special, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. Music teachers are the salt of the earth."     Richard Gill OAM


ANCOS-The Year Ahead 2014 -  From the President

As an organisation, we play an important role in providing  musical advocacy at national & international level, co-ordinating major Australian events such as National Conferences, support for levels courses through national guidelines, supporting other significant professional development & the publication of a National Journal (Musicworks).These things form our core business , however when possible we support other significant projects & also individual states.

We started the year with a fantastic 2 day ANCOS Workshop in Melbourne with James Harding & Peta Harper. The workshop was well attended & there were registrations from all over Australia. It was inspirational teaching with both presenters taking us on the Orff pedagogical journey in many creative ways. We were reminded of the importance of engaging students in their learning through fun & innovative activities & we will take our new learning into the classrooms across Australia.

The ANCOS Executive met also recently & looked at our future projects & priorities for the year ahead.

Levels Courses Update

As you know all member states are running Natonally accredited Levels Courses (1-4). Robyn Staveley & Carol Richards have been updating the guidelines & these are almost ready for distribution to Levels coordinators across Australia. There are some changes & the ANCOS Executive members for your state will be able to explain these to you. We have also mapped out when states are running courses in 2014 & these will be on the Website.

Humphries Parker Smith Donation Fund

Details of application forms for this scholarship will be available on the website & applications are due in by the beginning of May. Please contact me if you have any queries about this. The information on the website  will be updated in the next few weeks.

Website Update

This year we will be updating our website as the current one is very dated & we look forward to this improvement so that information is more easily accessible .

David Spurgeon’s Book  Dance Moves 

We are looking at re-publishing this book as it is a valuable resource. We hope that states will be able to purchase these from ANCOS & sell through their associations.

Donations Fund Brochure

This has been published & will be distributed across the states. This will also be on our Website.


Dr. Anne Power the editor of our professional journel has informed us that the focus for 2014 will be choral music, teaching & learning & neuroscience & music. We look forward to this publication later in the year.

Musicianship Book

This book is a valuable resource & a group of people will be undertaking a review & update of this during 2014.

ANCOS Brochure

These will be reprinted this year with some modifications & updates following feedback from State associations. States will receive these for distribution .

Moorambilla  Festival

ANCOS will provide financial support to this festival which is held in NSW during September. Please look at their website for details of the festival.

International Support

There are 3 undertakings for 2014/15

- To pay the Czech Republic Orff Association’s 2014 membership to the Orff Schulwerk Forum (Salzburg)

- Carolyn Royal Orff Level’s Course Scholarship for overseas people.

-National Conference Scholarship for an overseas person to attend the Tasmania 2016 Conference


At the January workshop TOSA also introduced us to the 2016 National Conference in Hobart - Tutti. Planning is well under way for this event & it looks to be a wonderful event with the main presenters being Lenka Pospisilova, Michelle Leonard & Shirley Salmon. You will receive updates about this later in the year. However I think we all need to start planning our January 2016 trip to Tassie!

I wish all our members across Australia a good year & hope that you are able to take advantage of all the training & development  learning opportunities available through Levels ‘ training & also member state organisations’ workshops & conferences. 

Kerry Rayner, President, ANCOS

VOSA Office

PO Box 4014
McKinnon Vic 3204
Tel: 03 9015 8350
Email: admin@vosa.org